Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Insect I Hate Most

Ulk, I really hate these ANTS! These puny, irritating and overly populated colony are extremely and undeniably a nuisance and indescribably filthy!

Imagine this...ants eat dead cockroaches, dead rats, dead cats, yes..cadavers; they love spit, rotten food, soil, any unimaginably filthy things and of course they love your clean food too, and in your clothes, they can be there too.

And when you have forgotten your precious food on top of your desk, tables or in your bags or simply kept them in a safe place, well you thought it was a safe place, until, there they are..feasting on your priced desert!

Oh, com'on, yes they are being admired as the most industrious insects and they work and work for the rainy season and let's be inspired with their actions! Oh yes, I'm it! So how do we keep them away and go find food somewhere else then?

So, I checked everywhere and looked for a solution, CLOVES make ants at bay. And some chemical "chalks" that can actually kill them, but be careful with these chemicals, it might harm you too and your kids.

So there, I have released my angst from these horrible insects! Bye ants!