Thursday, July 30, 2009

Happy to See my Children Eat Veggies

Yes, that's right! My 3 kids eating veggies!

It has been a cliche that children will never eat veggies. I beg to disagree until I experienced it! It's so hard to feed them when they see the served food containing vegetables. It's like an automatic reaction that they're no longer hungry when in fact just 2 minutes ago, they're screaming of starvation!

So there, instead of seeing them get sick, I have been serving all meat viands. Until the moment arrived when I had no time to do grocery. What's left in my fridge were veggies. I panicked and tried to check my canned stock! huh..heart beat pounded! I stood firm and chose to feed them veggies.

I got the bean sprouts out, the carrots, cabbage, and a 1/4 kilo of ground chicken lean meat. Sauteed the meat and stir fried the veggies and tuck them in spring roll wrappers. Yes, it sounds like a typical lumpia. The TWIST - I added cheese sticks. Fried the rolls and made a great dip - mayonnaise with dried basil and parsley (though my son chose the medium hot flavored vinegar)..yumyum!

Indulge! Enjoy!

And I had a problem what to serve my husband because my 3 kids finished the 20 medium rolls.

Go ahead, try it and add to your menu this week.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

So this is....a new beginning!

Here it is, my 1st post in this new blog spot...right here at!

So excited and nervous at the same time. I am really not a reader of books, blogs etc. or even a blogger! But I have so many accounts from friendster, facebook, it , I think I have 'em. I have been a computer geek 2 years now, and now venturing to graphic artistry... I have so many things that I can do and I still would want to do and experience a lot more things.

So what's the point...well, I believe I need to make use of this new skill or talent and I would want to share some thoughts. May this be an outlet of who I am, how I feel, where I've been, when and what I do & like to do...basically everything...

I am a 32 year old mother of 3 and a loving wife to my so devoted and loving husband!

So here, my journey with you is now becoming a reality...