Thursday, July 30, 2009

Happy to See my Children Eat Veggies

Yes, that's right! My 3 kids eating veggies!

It has been a cliche that children will never eat veggies. I beg to disagree until I experienced it! It's so hard to feed them when they see the served food containing vegetables. It's like an automatic reaction that they're no longer hungry when in fact just 2 minutes ago, they're screaming of starvation!

So there, instead of seeing them get sick, I have been serving all meat viands. Until the moment arrived when I had no time to do grocery. What's left in my fridge were veggies. I panicked and tried to check my canned stock! huh..heart beat pounded! I stood firm and chose to feed them veggies.

I got the bean sprouts out, the carrots, cabbage, and a 1/4 kilo of ground chicken lean meat. Sauteed the meat and stir fried the veggies and tuck them in spring roll wrappers. Yes, it sounds like a typical lumpia. The TWIST - I added cheese sticks. Fried the rolls and made a great dip - mayonnaise with dried basil and parsley (though my son chose the medium hot flavored vinegar)..yumyum!

Indulge! Enjoy!

And I had a problem what to serve my husband because my 3 kids finished the 20 medium rolls.

Go ahead, try it and add to your menu this week.

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